Monday, May 19, 2014

Floods in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia

To all my English speaking friends,
We need your help.

After weeks of Biblical rains and floods under mega cyclone all south-east Europe - Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, we're all under water. This is disaster.
We have dead human and animal bodies floating around, all military, police and Red cross from Europe and Russia is here to help us, but this is not enough. We need food, water, soaps, medications, blankets and clothes for survivors.
Temperature is rising and we expect diseases to start spreading from corps!!!

Фотографија: A small thing for you, a grand one for Serbia!! Share this page, we need to bring back Serbia to life!!!

And we'll hardly survive till next year, our crops, plants and animal farms, and energy plants are ruined.
Please, spread information about this. Persons who want to help us can contact Red Cross and our embassy consulates (Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian).
Please just let people know about this because big media won't.

Thank you and pray for us.


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