Friday, July 10, 2009

Shamrock diaries 3 – wish you were here

At first glance he was a bit raw, but then on the second...

We paired to work our first exercises together and he didn’t seem to know how to get his palms in proper position. It’s like caressing the child and I’ve tried to explain it to him in the simplest way I could. But then he told me he never caressed a child. His wife died gaving birth to their child. They both did... Long time ago.


And madame Olga was there. I watched over her as I promised and she managed. After on she asked me why do I do it, and I’ve explained to her she’s got lovely name. That was enough for me.

D was there too. One look and she recognised and run to me. D is a witch like me. The same man educated us. Drilled us, to be precise. For almost 12 years. And all it took was just one minute for us to remember and feel how much we both miss him.

But life goes on.

At lunch time I’ve made another big mistake. I sat with those women.

Big, big mistake...

Between typical Serbian girl, or even woman, who is fast, raw and stupid, and typical Serbian educated woman who is fast, raw and stupid there are no differences. They both have strong ego, voice that sounds like a beaten trumpet, no manners and no patience what so ever.

But who am I to judge?

-Lepo sam hteo da te vodim na riblju čorbu. I nisi htela, da bi ručala na miru... bez pritiska, he laughed when they left.

I saw doctor leaving and I though he’s going to Mihajlovac to have a decent lunch, but that was a mistake too.

Than another session began.


You distinct yourself as a healer by listening. Your ability to listen, to hear, is the only talent you really have. And you don’t need anything else, he said.


Nothing at all.

And if you’re convinced you’re doing it with your hands, you’re wrong again. You’re doing it with your...

That night I slept for just few hours and in the morning I found the lights on again. Mili’s afraid to sleep in the dark lately. She says something walks around me during the night. She can’t see it, but she feels it’s big and heavy. It’s just my tiger watching over me from that side of luxon wall, sending thunderbolts just to remind me he’s here, I made joke wich wasn’t convincing.

However, she was sleeping when I left.

My teaching assistant paired me with Slovenian guy, so Blaž and I tried to listen to each other.

I didn’t expect to see the fireworks but he reacted intensively. And for a second I felt fear he’s going to overreact. But ten minutes later he opened his big blue eyes and smiled. I knew I did it as I should.

Than it was my turn to lie down and let him do the healing.

So I did.

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Tigar... :)))
Da sad izvlacim Borhesa i sl. gl. iz knj... ne ide. Najbolje mi ide kad te samo citam... pardon, slusam :)
Objavio Omu u 10. jul 2009 22:13:00

Borhesa sam čitala pre samo dvadeset godina... Ma, pojma nemaš :P ... :)
Možda jednog dana ispričam priču o Durgi, polako... :)
Objavio yzse u 11. jul 2009 18:37:51

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