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Shamrock diaries 4 – climbing up on Solsbury Hill

We talked about influences yesterday, he said. We talked about it for one hour. And this morning I found some of you didn’t listen. Maybe you never will. How to be selective, it’s so simple.

Did you experience it? Have you ever experienced it?

The moment you open your eyes, sneak out of bed trying not to wake that person you love so much, the person you held in your arms all night. And you go down the stairs and to the kitchen, raise your hand to take a cup from a shelf and sense the scent of person you love on your shoulder. And for a second you breathe through that person.

You don’t want to spray that scent from you with alcohol, do you? You don’t want to clean yourself from that particular influence.

There are influences we don’t want to get rid of…

Listening to him, I felt sad for a moment. The story he just told was made for others.

He has lunar kala sarpa yoga in his chart, this November Scorpio. He’s life is dedicated to the teaching. He has nothing, hotel rooms 300 days of the year, airports... He’ll be in Sydney the day after tomorrow, and in Atlanta few days later.

He has nothing, yet he’s got everything. Moral integrity and discipline. The flame and the strength.

Does this story makes him sad from time to time, I wondered.

But in our break time I found Logan sitting on the top of the stage stairs.
Hey Logan, did you know that on this precise date you slaughtered us?
Really? I was afraid someone would remember how we conquered you.
How could we ever forget? The famous Kosovo battle? You must be kidding…


And word by word Logan and I started to play Kosovo battle behind the empty stage. I was Lazar, and she was Murat, but than I played Miloš, and she had to be Bayazit. Situation got complicated when I tried to be Celtic unit. And we pulled out our imaginary swords and started to wave and fight with them… Until madame Olga passed and looked at us.

-Nastavite samo. Baš se lepo zabavljate… Kao deca, she said deadly serious.

Can you see now? We just love Turks... and our lost battles.

Half an hour later Logan thought us how to read informations from zero point field and how to work in holograms. Turkish women are the best, wise man said.

And she is better than the best, I thought.

And again we started our long session. This time we had to work, to incorporate all details we’ve learnt as the whole.

Climbing up on Solsbury Hill
I could see the city light
Wind was blowing, time stood still
Eagle flew out of the night

Surprisingly, it seemed like the play. I just played like a child. Enjoying my movements, hearing, listening, absorbing the atmosphere, transforming the waves.

He was something to observe
Came in close, I heard a voice
Standing stretching every nerve
I had to listen had no choice

You are in sadhana now, I heard his voice from behind. Is this what you wanted? Is this what you didn’t want, but you were forced to? Could this be your dharma?

How many things you gave up to be here today?
How many calls you had to cancel?
How many people have to wait for you to finish this task?
What did you give up?

I did not believe the information
Just had to trust imagination
My heart was going boom boom, boom
Son, he said, grab your things, I’ve come to take you home.


To keeping silence I resigned
My friends would think I was a nut
Turning water into wine
Open doors would soon be shut

My mind was silent, I couldn’t answer even if I wanted. But thinking about it now, I didn’t give up a thing. Maybe I did, but I can’t remember what it was.

Mili knew I’ll be home at night, so she wasn’t afraid. She didn’t miss me. No one did.

So I went from day to day
Though my life was in a rut
till I thought of what I’d say
Which connection I should cut

Now you’re going to have lunch break, he said silently. Please, respect if some of you would like to remain silent. If that other person don’t want to talk just be quiet.

I was the one among the firsts to walk out. I needed peace badly and I had this master plan to find me an ugly table far from women. And I’ve managed to do it. Five minutes later the biggest Bosnian bear joined me, he just sat next to me. I had my blackberries from the box, he was quiet, birds were tweeting and God, this was sadhana…

Yes, women quarreled, I could hear Jung, Nietche, here and now, indigo child labels all around, energy transformation, karmic baggage, and so on, and so on… But my berries were excellent, bear haven’t spoke a word, and the birds were… ah.

I was feeling part of the scenery
I walked right out of the machinery
My heart was going boom boom boom
Hey, he said, grab your things, I’ve come to take you home.
Yeah back home

I turned on my phone just to see how much more minutes of pure pleasure I have left, but there was a missed call. God, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Big G called me. Hey, he called me, me - worm me, me – piece of nothing me.

Big G is scientific master class, he made corrections to Hawking’s theories. He’s the best brain for physics and electrotechniques in this part of world, maybe even further. But the thing I appreciate the most is that he is a humble man.

And he called me.

With mouth full of berries I looked at display thinking should I call him back, or shouldn’t I call him back?
I should.
But, should I call him before I overload myself with food or should I call him after?…
Maybe I should wait for parrots the sing Boltzmann’s constant in the right key and than I call him back?

When illusion spin her net
I’m never where I want to be
And liberty she pirouette
When I think that I am free

Than another man came. He sat in front of us and had his lunch. He almost finished when Igor passed, told him something and he started to shout. I found out his name and I was interested.

-Tražili su vas. Izgleda da niste uzeli svoju identifikaciju za danas… Niste se prijavili, I’ve tried to be polite.

And to my surprise he started to throw the curses and thunders all around.

-Jesi videla ovo danas? Jesi čula? Kako je par puta udarila sila u zgradu?

Yeah, yeah, it’s just my tiger. I’ve parked him badly on the other side, so he’s a bit nervous.

- Da, i?
-Čula si ga kako sam kaže „Stop breaking the building!“?

It was a joke. Doctor was kidding.

-Zgrada je prepuna negativne energije, loša karma, ružna magija, he came close to me.

I’ve opened my eyes dramaticaly and tried to shut my mouth beucause berries started to pour out.

-Sve bih ja to mogao da očistim, sve. Čistio sam teške energije godinama, to je moj poziv.

Damn me, shaman! I knew some day I’ll meet the real one. Should I kneel? Or... should I kneel before I call Big G or after?
...But my stupid female tongue kept conversation alive.

-Mislite da je to „to“? Nije Vam palo na pamet da se šteluju talasi? Da rezoniramo s vremena na vreme... Ipak nas ima dosta...
-Ma kakve tvoje rezonance!?, he educated me.

Watched by empty silhouettes
Who close their eyes, but still can see
No one taught them etiquette
I will show another me

And Igor came again with Zoran, who offered himself immediately for one session of black magic removement. Shaman (Pljevlja area) opened his “sport Billy” bag and took out his gloves. But those weren’t appropriate. Then he took another pair. Those seems like the gloves trolleybus drivers have. Big, robust, impregnated with rubber. Yes, Zorans magic was strong. I’m sure it’s because he’s gastroenterologist. They carry that deep black magic all the time… from inside.

Should I eat my berries while the ritual lasts?
Oh, you stupid woman, you’ll never learn the magnificence of this moment, I thought.

Dinner and the show, that’s what I’ve got.

And it was Vidovdan, I played the battle already. I watched doctor leaving again wondering where he’s going. He’s the best healer in the western world at the moment. I talked with Big G over the phone convincing him I won’t be able to show at the meeting, I couldn’t be at two places at once, could I?... At the moment… And I saw this new improved technique of black magic removement. What else can stupid woman wish?

Few moments of silence?
Another box of berries?

Shaman left sending thunderbolts all around and Zoran walked him out. I turned to Igor.

-Reci mi, molim te, ti si bio prošle godine u Atini. Je l’ istina da je doktor podigao dete iz invalidskih kolica?
-Jao, he raised his hands. Kad bih ti pričao ne bi mi verovala. U tom trenutku počeo sam da verujem u one biblijske priče...
-Da jeste, to je ta ružna energija. Što dete ne odvedoše u Pljevlja?
-Ma pusti, sunce. Pusti ti njega.
-Ali zašto je uopšte dolazio? Platio je put, smeštaj, predavanja da šta... da nauči nešto novo ili da paradira sa svojim glupostima?
-Pa pusti…
- Juče su nas samo pet sati učili kako da držimo ramena i ruke da bi izbegli okoštavanja jednog dana, samo to znanje vredi. Danima slušam da nam nije potrebno ništa, ama baš ništa, i on vadi svoje rukavice, zvončiće, bubnjeve, šamanske gaće i podgaće... Da bi šta? Napravio predstavu?
-...Dobro, šta sam ti rekao?
-Rekao si mi pusti, sunce, pusti ga.
-Pa pusti.

Biggest Bosnian bear turned to me and finally opened his mouth.

-Reci mi, koja svara ti sada radi i koji element ti je aktivan?
-Radi mi Ida i aktivna je voda, I just said it... Kako?... Kako ste znali?, I was shocked.
-Kako si ti znala?, he smiled.
-Zatvorim oči i očitam, to je sve. Čak ni ne čitam, samo vidim u trenutku.
-E tako sam i ja video kad sam seo pored tebe, he stud up and left.

Today is the day of seeing things, I thought. But it turned out to be freak show after all.

-Pokaži mi svoju magiju, Zoran said theatrically when he saw me walking back. Video sam jutros da i ti imaš rukavice.
-More, ako mi se ne smakneš sa puta k ladies room pokazaću ti ceo Šaolin manastir… Pozdrav sa Henan planina, I replied.

By the end of the day I had my book signed. I had to tell doctor my friend had his burek on doctors book… twice. But than… he was so amused that he gave me statement for my magazine.

And by the end of the same day I found where doctor had his meals. It was a small flat in Novi Beograd with a small child in it.

He made him walk, for the first time in his miserable little paralyzed life.

“You will recognize them by their deeds…”
And that was the only magic I really needed.

Today I don’t need a replacement
I’ll tell them what the smile on my face meant
My heart was going boom boom boom
Hey, I said, you can keep my things,
they’ve come to take me home…

Going back home I remembered the Lady and Big G, sitting somewhere, talking about new ways of energy transformations, amplifiers and all those things I crave to hear about.

But I couldn’t be in two places at the same time, could I, I thought.

Until I saw my two favorite female monkeys…


-Šta to radite, pobogu?! Hoćete da vas dam u cirkus?
-Vežbamo za nindža ratnike!, doviknule su mi, kao i uvek same sebi dovoljne.

A meni se mozak vratio na Serbian operational mode i to u momentu kada sam bacila svoj ranac negde u kraj igrališta i počela da se igram sa njima.

Hoću i ja da vežbam kao nindža ratnik.
Way back home...

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Kako mogu doci do Vaseg licnog maila? Pozz!
Objavio jekamala u 16. jul 2009 1:56:38

evo ti jedan inbecilni komentar, ispod tvog inbecilnog bloga, da ne knjaviš okolo kako te ne vole
Objavio Anoniman (Neregistrovan) u 16. jul 2009 8:13:17

Sasuke girl, evo ti jedan pismeni komentar. Vracacu se na ovo brdo jos. Ali kad te zamislim bradatu i raspustene kose ko Milosa Zutica... :))
Objavio Omu u 16. jul 2009 10:46:49

Ej bre, ovolika gomila rasklapajucih stolova za masazu!!! Ovo je izgleda neki veliki pičvajz u pitanju. Ajde priznaj, sta radite, gde to radite, kome to radite, i kakve su ribe koje to rade?
Objavio JEBATOR u 16. jul 2009 12:05:32

Možeš pod uslovom da mi ne persiraš :)
Pošalji mi privatnu poruku (imaš opciju sa desne strane kada se uloguješ u svoj nalog) i ukratko objasni šta te muči. Nije nikakav problem, poslaću ti, samo što ne bih da ostavljam adresu tek tako na blogu.

Moj iMbecilni blog zahvaljuje na tvom iNbecilnom komentaru. Takođe, izražavam zahvalnost i na glagolskom obliku "knjaviti" koji mi je poslužio kao inspiracija da već jednom napišem taj članak o funkcionalnoj nepismenosti u Srba (ne smemo istom prilikom zaboraviti ni vrhunske momente "trebam", "trebaš", "povraćaj duga, kusura, itd"..., kao ni sve uobičajeniju upotrebu glagola u njihovom infinitivnom obliku, o interpunkciji ni ne pomišljam, trajalo bi).
I nije čak ni u tome problem, jer sam upravo shvatila da meni zapravo nije dozvoljeno da budem sarkastična... čak ni povremeno. Neko se odmah oseti prozvanim. Eto Anonimni, i ne razmišljajući o tebi lupila sam nešto i napravila grešku.
Trenutno sevaju varnice na sve strane, ali ja stvarno nemam želju da učestvujem u raspravama "prve" i "druge" blogerske Srbije... Nisam inspirisana... I ne želim da se vezujem.

Ali Anonimni... drago mi je što me voliš ;)

dobila sam zvaničnu zabranu da pričam priču. Osniva se istraživački centar i dok se sve ne zaštiti ne smem da trtljam baš to o talasnim prenosima... Ali mi nije zabranjeno da pričam šamanskomedicinske bajčice, štono i nameravam da počnem.
Što se kose tiče, duga kosa - kratka pamet, kratka kosa - još kraća pamet... (nikad ništa od mene).
Ne bi mi pomoglo ni da Žutić vaskrsne... :)

stolovi su fenomenalno udobni, najbolji koje sam isrobala do sada. Taj tip košta 290 rahmetli evara i ima 16 kg, ali valja.
1. mašemo (detaljna priča o ovoj vrsti lečenja u avgustovskom broju Astrologosa)
2. po ordinacijama ili kućama
3. bolesnm i radoznalim ljudima
4. ne bi ti te ribe. Od svih njih, kad odbiješ one sa brkovima i bradama, ostanu naporne i vizuelno potpuno neinteresantne jedinke.
Gnoti seauton, sam si rekao, nema tu leba :)
Objavio yzse u 17. jul 2009 14:40:05

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